"Your spirit was all over that stage!" ~ Liv Warfield vocalist of Prince

"Groovy tracks" ~ Jennifer Batten, guitarist of Michael Jackson

"Had the complete pleasure to watch Max Ribner Band play amazing jazz fusion-funk-R&B-rock-world-LOVE music, at the Bend Summer Festival! You are amazing!"

"When you want to touch the sky, Leap to Flame ignites the beat in your deep soul muse"

"Listening to Leap the Flame album and I'm so stoked for Max Ribner Band!!! Great tracks and beats!"

"The most inspiring, heart-opening and powerful production that I have ever been a part of! This is much more than entertainment, it is a Movement - a portal to unify our community in peace, love and encouragement - it is time to spark your inner fire and let your purpose 'Leap to Flame'! Lets do it together!!!"

"Love it all!!! All the very best from south India!"